Squatters 1.0 for Worms Armageddon

SquattersScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

The truth is down there…

Squatters, the first vertical cavern map from MnP, shows the visceral chain of unfortunate events that befell an ill-fated band of arctic explorers. As these intrepid worms dig ever-deeper they will soon discover two undeniable truths…

We are not alone… and we never were.

This level is a test of upward survival. Players will be virtually clinging to the walls as the bulk of the map is an open chasm. Excavation vehicles should be viewed as stair-like escape routes from the rising melt-away factor. Forked tunnels can turn from dark worm safety dens to claustrophobic poison chambers. Ninja ropes can turn haughty show-boaters into rookie trapeze artists falling to their doom. Choose your attacks wisely. Make every second count. They’re coming.

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