Meat & Potatoes Projects – Past, Present & Future

So this is where we are going to try and keep track of everything on the Meat & Potatoes calendar. The map ideas below are generally listed with newer ideas at the top, and completed projects at the bottom, so it may give you an idea of what to expect. This list will be updated as maps are completed and as ideas come up. You can also use this page to post your own ideas and comments about any published maps, or ideas yet-to-be-realized.

This list does not include any of the “Classic” maps from MnP’s past. You can get them here.

An asterisk (*) denotes a working title.

Date Map Name Notes WR WA
TBD Venice* Ever since I visited Venice, Italy in 2005, I’ve always thought it might make a good MnP Worms map. We’ll see… N/A N/A
TBD Dromoland* This Irish castle should be loads of fun for standard schemes, and will give MnP a chance to visit the medieval era. N/A N/A
2015 Coney Island* Visit fun-filled Coney Island in the 1940s. Grab a funnel cake, take a ride on the Ferris Wheel,and blow up your friends! N/A N/A
TBD Liberty Island* The iconic Statue of Liberty, appropriately worminized, will take center stage for this free-for-all. Hint: There may be 40s era flying saucers vs. blimps in this map. N/A N/A
2015 Prohibition* Two mafia families will battle it out on the streets of 1930s New York City, complete with speakeasies, fake book stores, Italian restaurants, and sewers. This map is in production. N/A N/A
TBD Alcatraz* Alcatraz was the first EVER map idea by MnP and will some day  see the light of day in WR and WA. Just not sure WHICH day. N/A N/A
2015 McFlood* This one will bring MnP back to the late 1880s, featuring a flooded boom town, complete with saloon, jail, bank, and maybe even a certain time-traveling DeLorean. N/A N/A
TBD Heist A destroyed bridge over a river will be the highlight of this map. You’ll be able to have a free-for-all aboard the various demolished pieces of an old west-style train as well as an old timey tugboat! N/A N/A
2/20/15 Derelict Derelict is now complete and is the 3rd fort-style map by MnP. It features a large space station just after it was devastated by meteor shower. Good thing worms aren’t affected by the lack of gravity. YES YES
02/11/11 Squatters Jeremy designed another masterpiece, it being the first cavern-style map MnP has ever published. It was held up by Jay for a couple months, though, as he was charged to make the final touches to it. The truth is down there. YES YES
10/17/10 Scurvy Inspired by an early scrapped map idea, The Good Stuff, Scurvy took MnP to the days of the colonial Caribbean. It was the 2nd fort-style map by MnP and was designed in only 16 days! YES YES
10/01/10 Tycoon In record time, Tycoon was released as the second post-WR release map. It was entered into a Team17-run community competition along with Family Feud and Scurvy and won, earning it a place in the retail WR and breaking the MnP competition curse. YES YES
09/01/10 Family Feud After a long hiatus (due to WR-related work for the August 2010 release), Family Feud was released as the first fort-style MnP map ever. It was reduced in size for the WR release and inspired the creation of a Team17-designed fort map in WR. YES YES
02/20/09 Pit of Carkoon The first Star Wars themed level since Jabba’s Palace in the “Classic” days, it is the only MnP map that cannot currently be ported to WR. NO YES
01/28/09 The Good Stuff*
This map was simply never meant to be. It was going to be a recreation of the final scene in the movie Goonies – One-Eyed Willy’s pirate ship inside a cave – but neither of us really wanted to draw all those rocks. Thankfully, basically every bit of the graphics done for this map was eventually brought to light in Scurvy! NO NO
01/28/09 Last Resort The sequel to Global Warming, it was also included in the retail WR, although altered slightly to fit. YES YES
01/20/09 Global Warming Global Warming was the first NEW idea done by MnP since the “Classic” days. It was the first time 3 artists were used and it was the biggest MnP project to date. It is now included in the retail WR, although altered slightly to fit. YES YES
04/01/08 Titanic 2 Originally called Titanic D, it was renamed in 2010. It has yet to be updated to Titanic 1’s level of detail but this should have been addressed during 2011, but never was. NO YES
04/01/08 Titanic 1 Originally called Titanic B, it was renamed in 2010, and is now included in the retail WR. It was also featured in an interview with Mark Baldwin prior to the release of Worms Reloaded. YES YES
04/01/08 Airforce One First remake for new WA beta patch. Revived MnP’s interest in WA and the community. Now included in the retail WR, it was altered slightly to fit into release WR’s level dimensions. YES YES