Derelict 1.0 for Worms Armageddon

DerelictScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

After the events of Global Warming and The Last Resort, wormkind had no choice but to begin exploring the cosmos for a new, less flooded, planet.

They had begun to seek out new life, and all that. They had their cornbread. And then in what can only be explained as a freak coincindence, the Starship ISS MNP found itself pelted by chunks of icy space-borne debris, severing the ship into two, fort-like, halfs.

You might think that now is the time to band together and bring this crew to safety. Unfortunately, the only worm who knew how to tend to the hydroponic corn was killed in the incident and so was the crew’s hope of having a continuous supply of cornbread. The less worm mouths to feed, the longer the supply of cornbread will last. And so war must declared. Math can be a cruel mistress.

This level is the next in the line of MnP fort-style maps. It was originally started in 2011, but a variety of delays meant that it would not see the light of day until 2015. Designed with the fort mentality in mind, players will be able to find defensive positions in the various parts of the now derelict ship. Should you be brave enough to face the hard coldness of space, you could try your roping or jumping skills to attempt to traverse the shattered connecting shaft. But one wrong step and it’s the vacuum of space for you! Incidentally, this map was NOT inspired by the film: Gravity. 😉

Squatters Rope Shopper 1.0 for Worms Armageddon

Squatters RSScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

This is the FIRST EVER Rope Shopper map that is kinda sorta maybe by MnP. 🙂

I say that because while this is most certainly an official MnP remix based on Squatters, the idea behind it and most of the encouragement to release it is almost entirely a result of our buddies over at Special thanks goes out to Rodent, since he was primarily the one suggesting the changes that needed to be made to the original Squatters map. He was also responsible for playtesting it, along with Fire Lord and we think they did a great job at that too. He even gave us the scheme file! Without their help, this release would most definitely never have seen the light of day.

Squatters 1.0 for Worms Armageddon

SquattersScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

The truth is down there…

Squatters, the first vertical cavern map from MnP, shows the visceral chain of unfortunate events that befell an ill-fated band of arctic explorers. As these intrepid worms dig ever-deeper they will soon discover two undeniable truths…

We are not alone… and we never were.

This level is a test of upward survival. Players will be virtually clinging to the walls as the bulk of the map is an open chasm. Excavation vehicles should be viewed as stair-like escape routes from the rising melt-away factor. Forked tunnels can turn from dark worm safety dens to claustrophobic poison chambers. Ninja ropes can turn haughty show-boaters into rookie trapeze artists falling to their doom. Choose your attacks wisely. Make every second count. They’re coming.

Scurvy 1.0 for Worms Armageddon

ScurvyScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

Things have gotten pretty stinky on the high seas.

Scurvy is MnP’s newest fort-style map, released as probably the 2nd-to-last MnP map of 2010. Scurvy will take your worms on a mid-1500s adventure into the Caribbean, complete with pirate bones, colonial forts, and dead fish on a dock! The map was designed to be played as a fort battle, but it can also be played quite nicely using a standard scheme and random spawn points.

And yes, that’s One-Eyed Willy at the head of the table – the first Goonie.

Tycoon v1.0 for Worms Armageddon

TycoonScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

In record time, MnP releases it’s next custom map for Worms Armageddon and Worms Reloaded! We’re proud to add Tycoon to the growing library of MnP maps and we hope you enjoy it.

It’s just another day on the job. The man’s got you out on the coast, draining every last drop of sweet-smelling, hot-burning, slick-inducing black goodness from the arteries of the earth. It’s not exactly a glamorous job, which is why it’s so easy to become distracted into a few small arms fights with your co-workers. It may not be very productive – but hey, it sure passes the time.

UPDATE: Tycoon has been selected as one of three custom map winners in the Team17 Design a Multiplayer Map Competition in October 2010! It will now join the grouping of MnP maps currently included in Worms Reloaded. Thanks Team17!

Family Feud v1.0 for Worms Armageddon

Family FeudScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

Family Feud is the first new map to be designed for both the Worms Armageddon and Worms Reloaded game engine. Additionally, it is another first for MnP: it’s our first fort-style map! Taking nearly a full year to finally complete, Family Feud represents an idea that has had some tough times in the making.

Choose your family – the steadfast and loyal Samurai, or the cunning and mysterious Ninjas in this
never-ending feud.

Pit of Carkoon v1.0 for Worms Armageddon

Pit of Carkoon - Worms ArmageddonScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

The story of this map is a bit convoluted to say the least. But basically this is MnP’s answer to redesigning the Classic Jabba’s Palace, without actually doing it. In almost everyway, however, Carkoon blows Jabba’s Palace out of the proverbial water.

Last Resort v1.0 for Worms Armageddon

Last Resort - Worms ArmageddonScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

Last Resort is the sequel to the self-given-award-winning Global Warming map by Meat & Potatoes Produtions. Somewhere in the Himyalayas stands a lone peak that still breathes the sweet atmosphere of a once relatively dry planet earth. This IS the last resort.

Titanic D v3.0 for Worms Armageddon

Titanic D - Worms ArmageddonScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

It is April 14th, 1912, 2:19 AM. In its final death throes, the RMS Titanic has broken into two sections. The entire forward half of the ship is now plunging into the depths of the northern Atlantic ocean, while the rear section has poised itself for its final immersion.

Global Warming v1.0 for Worms Armageddon

Global Warming - Worms ArmageddonScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Armageddon

Al Gore was right. Blast his incredible forsight! The better part of the known world has begun to slowly succumb to the relentless melting polar icecaps and glaciers. It seems there’s only one thing left to do – cap some worms!

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