What’s next for Meat & Potatoes as 2010 comes to a close?

Well you may have noticed that a long-time project has finally seen the light of day. MnP delays like a professional, but delivers big in the end. If you haven’t seen Family Feud for Worms Reloaded or Family Feud for Worms Armageddon yet, check it out today! You won’t regret it.

But what’s currently in the pipeline at the Meat & Potatoes factory?

Well, believe it or not (we don’t believe it), Jeremy is finally working on his next worms map. He has a newborn baby, give him a break! The project’s working title is “Alcatraz” but will probably be changed eventually due to the similarity of title to one of Team17’s maps. It will be designed, as is our current policy, for both Worms Armageddon and Reloaded and will feature a prison break scenario. One team will be the prisoners and the other will be the guards and warden. The battle can simply be fought to the last standing team, or until all four prisoners get to an escape point – we’re not really sure how this will play out yet.

As for me, Jason, I’ve got my hands in a couple of worms projects at the moment. I’ve recently begun some work on some of the graphics for Worms Armageddon as it makes its long transition to Worms Armageddon 4.0, and what a great opportunity that is. Thanks go out to CyberShadow and Deadcode for allowing me to participate. Secondly, I have begun the preliminary work on a map so far not even alluded to in our recent posts and it is tentatively called Midnight Oil. It will be a full on deathmatch map taking place on an offshore oil rig. Should be fun and hopefully “easy to implement”.

Stay tuned and have fun.

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