Squatters Rope Shopper 1.0 for Worms Reloaded

Squatters RSScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Reloaded

This is the FIRST EVER Rope Shopper map that is kinda sorta maybe by MnP. 🙂

I say that because while this is most certainly an official MnP remix based on Squatters, the idea behind it and most of the encouragement to release it is almost entirely a result of our buddies over at wmdb.org. Special thanks goes out to Rodent, since he was primarily the one suggesting the changes that needed to be made to the original Squatters map. He was also responsible for playtesting it, along with Fire Lord and we think they did a great job at that too. Without their help, this release would most definitely never have seen the light of day. We got the scheme file from wropers.com; it is based on their standard 30-sec roper shopper scheme.

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