Scurvy 1.0 for Worms Reloaded

ScurvyScaled ScreenshotDownload for Worms Reloaded

Things have gotten pretty stinky on the high seas.

Scurvy is MnP’s newest fort-style map, released as probably the 2nd-to-last MnP map of 2010. Scurvy will take your worms on a mid-1500s adventure into the Caribbean, complete with pirate bones, colonial forts, and dead fish on a dock! The map was designed to be played as a fort battle, but it can also be played quite nicely using a standard scheme and random spawn points.

And yes, that’s One-Eyed Willy at the head of the table – the first Goonie.

Also included in this release is the LDS file (for starting water level and background details). Hopefully the scheme file will eventually be shareable, to make sure this map is played as it should be.

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